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International Documentary Competition
16 to 18 Nov_6.30PM and 10PM > Cinemateca Portuguesa - Film House | Sala Luís de Pina

The International Documentary Competition, dedicated to the artistic creation processes in the fields of performance and dance, will be held in the Cinemateca Portuguesa - Film House.


The 9th edition presents 15 films from 13 countries - Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America.


The Best Documentary will be distinguished with the Luna Andermatt award, sponsored by the Conserveira de Lisboa.


International Documentary Competition | 16 to 18 November | Sala Luís de Pina 

SESSION 1. [16 Nov] Thu. 6:30PM


CORRESPONDÈNCIES de Eric de Gispert, Miquel Ardèvol Spain, 2016
47 min / English subtitles

Can architecture be danced? What exists in some architecture that allows us to inhabit it poetically, far beyond the use for which it was intended?
CORRESPONDÈNCIES seeks to answer these questions through the meeting between the architect Pere Riera and the choreographer Moreno Bernardi.

KICK BALL CHANGE by Guy Sadot Russia, United States, Israel, 2016
55 min / English subtitles Total length of cast: 102 minutes / M / 12


KICK BALL CHANGE presents itself as a glimpse into the inspiring mind of Maxim Kozhevnikov, a five-time professional world champion in ballroom dancing. A cinematic portrait focusing on Maxim's work, as well as the human and creative universe that surrounds him.

SESSION 2. [16 Nov] Thu. 10PM

NO ESCURO DO CINEMA DESCALÇO OS SAPATOS by Cláudia Varejão Portugal, 2016
104 min / English subtitles


The National Ballet Company of Portugal celebrated four decades of existence. In its genesis is the interpretation of the great classics and the permanent reception of contemporary creations. Everyday life is rigorous for dancers, choreographers, musicians, rehearsers, dressmakers, technicians of light, sound and a whole wide team that allows the dance to go through the rehearsal rooms and lengthen the corridors to reach the stage. The film by Cláudia Varejão accompanies not only the creations and the company's debut, but above all the silent work of each dancer.

SESSION 3. [17 Nov] Fri. 6:30PM

À BOUTE PORTÉS de Clémence Poésy France, 2016
9 min / English subtitles

Observing the students of the ballet school of the Paris Opera, Clémence Poésy approaches each one through the intimacy of the grand plan, thus exploring the mystery around the laborious search for grace.


DANCEDANCE / REVOLUTION by Mark Freeman United States, 2017
27 min / English subtitles


The second film of the session is an introduction to the vibrant diversity of contemporary dance in post-apartheid South Africa.


TANGOMANIA by Susan van den Broek, Joachim Thissen Netherlands, 2016
50 min / English subtitles Total projection length: 86 minutes / M / 12


TANGOMANIA follows the lives of Yerpun, a teacher and tango dancer, and Judith, a woman looking for her way in the universe of Argentine tango in Amsterdam.


SESSION 4. [17 Nov] Fri. 10PM

WILLY TSAO, A VISION FOR MODERN DANCE IN CHINA by Michael Maurissens Germany, 2015 - 3
7 min / English, Without Subtitles


Belgian director Michael Maurissens spent three months in the company of Willy Tsao, choreographer and director of a dance company, capturing his unremitting efforts in the development of contemporary dance in China.


THE BODY AS ARCHIVE by Michael Maurissens Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, 2016
49 min English, Without subtitles Total projection time: 86 minutes / M / 12


The BODY AS ARCHIVE presents itself as an analysis of the universe of the terms "body" and "file" in the context of contemporary dance: what is a difference between the body of a dancer and the body of a non-dancer? What do dancers look for in dance practice? A documentary focusing on the role of the dancer as an agent in the process of communicating choreographic knowledge.

SESSION 5. [November 18] Sat. 6:30PM


OUR SKIN by João Queiroga United States, Portugal, 2016
13 min / spoken in English, without Subtitles


A talk in the evening for an unexpectedly intimate twist on OUR SKIN, a black-and-white study of an interplay between a transgender woman and a former US Navy serviceman suffering from post-traumatic stress.

ALMA by Diogo Pessoa de Andrade Portugal, 2016 - 6 min.

ALMA focuses on the figure of Carolina Morais Fonseca, a Portuguese dancer and choreographer who teaches gypsy dances around the world.


LA DOULEUR by Christophe Voegelé France, 2017 - 5 min / English subtitles


LA DOULEUR is a portrait focused on the relationship between a pain and the dancer and how this influences a musicality of movement, rhythms and breaths.

MOVING AFRIKA by Valeria Lo Meo, Michele Manzini South Africa, 2016 - 6 min / no dialogues


MOVING AFRIKA proposes to work on a notion of reality creating a subjective reflection that allows us to rediscover the world around us with a new look.


BEL by Marília Albornoz Brazil, 2016 - 47 min / subtitled in Portuguese total projection time: 77 minutes / M / 12

In 2005, the French choreographer Jérôme Bel went to Rio de Janeiro to work with a dancer, Isabel Torres, who is preparing to perform for the first time in the solo role. Marília Albornoz filmed the meeting.



SESSION 6. [18 Nov] Sat. 10PM


NOTHING MATTERS WHEN WE'RE DANCING by Maia Sørensen Denmark, 2017
23 min / English subtitles


In NOTHING MATTERS WHEN WE'RE DANCING, under the gaze of Maia Sørensen, we meet three Danish dancers in the dance studio as well as in their everyday life, while everyone reflects on the meaning of the dance for each one.


MEN WHO DANCE by Susanne Svantesson Sweden, 2017
73 min / English subtitles Total length of cast: 96 minutes / M / 12


MEN WHO DANCE accompanies a landscape gardener, a farmer and an academician, from a small island in Sweden, who decide to start dancing, embarking on an unusual route that eventually led them to a performance in a famous cathedral.