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Geração SOMA (body in movement, inclusive body, body in addition)

Geração SOMA (body in movement, inclusive body, body in addition) 2015 - 2017

An artistic, inclusive and social project selected by PARTIS - Prácticas Artísticas para Inclusão Social with the support of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation - Gulbenkian's Programme for the Human Development.


This is a project about a generation in which the small ones fit. Children and their greatness are the inspiration source of this project!


Geração SOMA begun with 1125 children (17 classes) of the Padre Bartolomeu de Gusmão  and the Escolas Vergílio Ferreira school groups, namely 12 classes from Josefa de Óbidos school, 1 class from Ressano Garcia school and 4 from the Middle-grade school of Telheiras. This project has included disabled children and their representatives (teachers and parents) in a sphere of more than 200 people. 


Through artistic practice alongside with the work developed by CiM - Dance Company, 12 different sessions were prepared by each class, as well as 4 moments of "Arte em Movimento" during the holidays counting with the participation of more than 100 children.


CiM's artistic direction, formed by 12 artists/teachers, was part of these classes’ curricula during 14 months. The challenge had the theme of the super-power and the discovery of the imagination that exists in each child.  It was from the children's inspiration that 4 characters arisen, based in 4 acronyms, each one containing its own super-power.


The result of this project, that started in schools in April 2016 and lasted until June 2017, will culminate in a performance called "Eu Maior", which will count with the participation of 4 professional interpreters and 60 interpreters between children, school staff and teachers accompanied by the Trifonética Orchestra. This orchestra is composed by students from the Regime Articulado de Música which, in partnership with AMAC (Academia Musical dos Amigos das Crianças), are responsible for the creation of original musical repertoire.


The premiere will take place in São Luiz Teatro Municipal at the 9th of June and the performance will be repeated in January 2018 in the main hall of Calouste Gulbenkian's Foundation (Lisbon).


Each super-power comes to light and transforms weaknesses in potential movements, through dance alongside other art forms.


After the premiere, the challenge is to continue this experience with other Portuguese schools, repeating the format of integrate this project in the school curricula. There will be a selection of classes which will publically present the performance at the Theatres or Municipalitie’s Auditorium. 30 to 50 students will be involved.


Geração SOMA intends to create awareness in children and in the whole society for the importance of inclusion and accessibility through art. After all, art assumes a fundamental role in the artistic, pedagogical and therapeutic sphere. It also aims to fight against social exclusion, giving a voice to those communities that have less chances of contributing to the public sphere.


Geração SOMA aspires to facilitate the social inclusion of individuals within society. The integration of everyone depends on the acceptation of every human being. This way it is possible to get through our differences and limitations, appreciating the best that each one has to offer.


Geração SOMA's team is composed of Ana Rita Barata (Artistic Coordination and Choreography), Pedro Sena Nunes (Artistic Coordination) , Rosinda Costa (Dramaturgy), Bruno Rodrigues (Choreography), Cecília Hudec, Joana Gomes, João Furtado and Mara Pacheco (Interpreters and Co-creators), Mafalda Estácio (Cinematography and Costumes) and Philippe Lenzini (Musical Direction).  We will launch the challenge of discovering the Greater Self, a super-power which is going to reveal itself through movement.


Follow us in this journey and discover powers which are still unknown.





Rehearsals for Geração SOMA's show

February - June

Wednesdays. 2 to 4pm> Grupo Dramático dos Combatentes

Fridays. 4 to 6 pm> Josefa de Óbidos' school main hall


Braille sessions/Visual Impairment

13th to 17th of February > Telheiras Middle School, Josefa de Óbidos' school and Ressano Garcia Middle School.


Geração SOMA's  holidays - Carnival

27th of February to 1st of March > Josefa de Óbidos' school


Geração SOMA's 2nd Artistic Residency
14th to 17th of March 2017 > Academia da Estrela


Geração SOMA's  holidays - Easter Break

5th to 12th of April. 10am to 5pm> Josefa de Óbidos' school


Geração SOMA's show

9th  to 11th June > Teatro São Luíz





Workshop: Inclusive Dance for children (5-16 y/o)

28th ,29th , 30th of March.  10am-1pm | 2pm- 5pm > Lar Militar da Cruz Vermelha

With Ana Rita Barata and Bruno Rodrigues (choreographers) and Rosinda Costa (actress).


Geração SOMA's activities
18th of April to 3rd of June > Josefa de Óbidos


'Art in Movement' holidays
20th to 24th of June. 10am to 5pm. > Lar Militar da Cruz Vermelha


Geração SOMA's Artistic Residency

19th to 23rd of July > Espaço Rural de Artes, Soudos


Geração SOMA's activities

October to May> Josefa de Óbidos' school

November to May > Telheiras Middle School


Geração SOMA's  holidays - Christmas

19th  to 22nd of December. 10am to 5pm > Josefa de Óbidos' school

Dancing from sum to sum, fitting one idea into another, 35 children have transformed Josefa de Óbidos' school gym in a triphonetic territory.





Geração SOMA School Partners

Josefa de Óbidos' school
 | 11 classes, 220 students and 11 class directors in an average of 9h per week. Geração SOMA is part of the subject EPC – Estudos para a Cidadania (Citizenship Studies).

Telheiras Middle School | 4 classes | 4 hours per week

Ressano Garcia Middle School | 1 class